a wedding planning subscription by Aisle Less Traveled


A smart, engaged couple who want to do most or all of the wedding planning on your own, but who know you could use some professional guidance along the way


A wedding planner who thinks you deserve expert planning help, no matter what size your budget is or what kind of wedding you want to plan


A wedding planning subscription that gives you the advice, tools, and support you need at a price you can afford

Expert Wedding Planning. Amateur Price.

Feeling totally overwhelmed by everything there is to do and everything you don’t know about planning a wedding? Take a deep breath and let me help.

Choose Your Own Wedding is the virtual wedding planner you need for a low-stress, high-YOU day.

This program will walk you step-by-step through planning a wedding that reflects the two of you (whether that super traditional, totally offbeat, or somewhere in between) and it’ll help you set and stick to a budget you can live with. If you’ve been asking yourselves, “What the f*ck have we gotten ourselves into? Should we just elope?” – then you need to get on this.

It’s the affordable alternative to a full-service wedding planner.
It’s the planning partner you want with the practical and personal wedding advice you need.
And it’s available to you 24/7. You don’t even have to put on pants.

The good news? It’s just $37 per month.

C’mon. You spent more than that the last time you had takeout for dinner. So, swap the lo mein for boxed mac-and-cheese once a month and get planning with me.

Let me tell you how the Choose Your Own Wedding planning subscription came to be:

I kept meeting with fantastic couples… (yay!)
who wanted to work with me (extra yay!)
…and who I wanted to work with too (super yay!)

BUT my traditional wedding planning services were too expensive… (boo!)
which meant we didn’t get to make an amazing wedding (extra boo!)
…and more importantly, they didn’t get the wedding planning help that they needed (super boo!)

And the couples who were hiring me? They were asking the same questions as each other and I was repeating the same advice over and over to them – especially those who booked a particular package of mine that included a budget strategy session, monthly planning meetings, and wedding  coordination. In other words, they were doing the bulk of the planning on their own with me as their guide along the way.

I needed a way to get my professional expertise to couples who don’t have the luxury budgets required to hire a full-service planner or even a wedding coordinator. I knew that a lot of the advice and information I gave my clients in private could be equally helpful in a group setting, but I had to figure out one other critical piece: how to give individual advice to each couple customized to their needs and situations. And that’s when the idea of an online class morphed into a planning subscription.

Online Course + Live Q&A Calls + 24/7 Support and Advice in our Private Facebook Group = Choose Your Own Wedding™!

Ready to start planning?

Wait, but what are we actually subscribing to?

Great question! 

It’s a wedding planning subscription for couples who don’t want to drop thousands of dollars on a traditional wedding planner, but still need some help to make their amazing wedding vision come to life.

It has three main components to help you get from engaged to married with your sanity and your wedding budget intact: 

  • A complete online wedding planning course to guide you through the entire process of planning your wedding, which includes video lessons, workbooks, handouts, spreadsheets, and the exact templates I use with all of my couples
  • Monthly live Q&A calls with me – a professional event planner with 20+ years experience, which are recorded so you can watch anytime
  • A private Facebook group for sharing your ideas and progress, supporting one another, and getting my expert advice on demand

And if you need a little extra help? I’ve got you covered: a premium-level subscription gets you a 30-minute private planning call each month, plus my personal review of your vendor contracts as you book them and your final wedding day timeline and plans. 

Choose Your Own Wedding™ is the first wedding planning subscription of its kind. And it’s only $37/month.
Premium-level subscriptions are $63 per month and are limited to 5 couples per month, who are selected through an application process. Apply now. 

Cindy Savage Aisle Less Traveled Wedding Planner. Photo by Pinxit Photo.

Cindy Savage

Wedding Planner & Owner
Aisle Less Traveled LLC

Want to have an amazing wedding?
Why not learn how to plan yours from someone who has planned hundreds of live events in the last two decades?

That’s me! Hi there, I’m Cindy. 

I help independent, feminist, and LGBTQ+ folks plan meaningful weddings without losing their sanity or blowing their budgets. I trained in theatre and have been stage managing live productions since the early 1990s. I’ve worked on all sorts of events with all kinds of elements that had to be carefully planned and perfectly executed. I suspected it would be the perfect training for a wedding planner – and it has been.

When I got married and planned a shindig for 75 guests in Chicago for just $5000. It had two brides, one unsupportive set of parents, friends schlepping chairs down separate aisles, and a metric fuck ton of DIY. I’m talking gowns we sewed ourselves, more hours than I care to admit designing and coding a custom website (this was before drag-and-drop templates, y’all), hand-illustrated invitations, and a made-from-scratch 3-tier, 3-flavor wedding cake.

So when I say I understand small budgets, DIY, offbeat weddings, and challenges that LGBTQ+ couples can face, I really know what I’m talking about! And after putting together 80+ weddings, more than a hundred theatrical productions, and a handful of non-profit fundraisers: I also really know live events.

Two levels of support let you choose what’s best for you and your budget


Live Level
$37 per month

  • Comprehensive online course to walk you step-by-step through planning your wedding that you can complete whenever and wherever is convenient for you
  • 6 planning modules with 25+ video lessons, broken down into small, manageable steps so you can actually do them
  • Workbooks, handouts, spreadsheets, and professional templates to keep everything clear and organized
  • Monthly Live Planning calls where you can ask anything about your wedding and get an instant answer or lurk and learn from other engaged couples
  • Planning calls are recorded, and you can submit questions in advance so you don’t have to miss out if you can’t make it live
  • Virtually unlimited planning in our private Facebook group, where I read and respond to every post

This level is for couples who are good at motivating themselves and won’t need any prodding to keep working through the lessons until they have a great plan in place.


Premium Level (Limited to 5 couples)
$63 per month

Includes everything in the Live Level subscription, plus:

  • One-on-One planning calls: Each month, you’ll get a 30-minute planning call with me, just for the two of you. I’ll provide personalized recommendations, advice, and support as you plan.
  • Contract review: As you book your vendors, send your contracts my way! I’ll personally review them for any red flags and things you’ll need to do to keep up your end of the deal.
  • Wedding Plan Review: My expert eyes on your completed wedding plans, with a focus on timing, logistics, areas where you may need extra help, and details you might have overlooked.

This level is best suited to couples who would like more hands-on support or need accountability as they plan. Premium subscriptions are available by application only in 6 or 9 month packages.

Money-Back Guarantee​

am sure that Choose Your Own Wedding™ is going to help you plan an amazing day that suits you perfectly!
But if it doesn’t help you? Then I don’t want your money. So try it for up to 30 days, 100% risk-free.

Here is the deal: If you work through the program, you use the Facebook group, you show up for the live planning call, and you don’t feel like you’re making progress? I’m going to give you every single penny back.

BUT. (And it’s kind of a big one.)

You have to actually do the work.

You see, this wedding planning subscription is only for folks who are going to login regularly and watch the video lessons. People who will use the worksheets and fill in the templates. Who will ask questions on the live calls and get answers in the Facebook community. So if you aren’t going to do that stuff? Don’t subscribe.

But if you’re serious about making wedding planning easier and less stressful? Then sign the hell up, because you have nothing to lose. If it doesn’t work for you, all you have to do is show me that you’ve used it. If you’ve done that, and you’re not happy with Choose Your Own Wedding™, then all your money is coming right back to you.

The fine print, in regular size type: Refund requests must be submitted within 30 days of enrollment. Requests must be submitted with completed worksheets, spreadsheets, and/or templates from at least two lessons and you must have participated in the community by doing one or more of the following: submitting a question for or attending a live call, or posting, commenting, or sharing in the CYOW Facebook group. Refunds are not available beyond 30 days.

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