You found your person. You've gotten engaged. Happily ever after is almost here! HOORAY!

It’s all fantastic, right? Except… now you actually have to plan this wedding. And so far, instead of blissfully enjoying your engagement, you’re probably:

  • Confused by all the things you’re magically supposed to already know about wedding planning even though you’ve never planned a wedding before
  • Wondering how to figure out your priorities or come up with a wedding vision
  • Struggling to make a realistic budget because you have no idea what things should cost
  • Worried about handling all the logistics and timing of a wedding day
  • Resenting all the hours you’re spending scouring internet forums and wedding groups for answers, only to get conflicting information, or worse, no information at all

In other words, are you totally overwhelmed by the complete f*ckery that is wedding planning? 
Take a deep breath and calm down because we are going to do this together. 

Choose Your Own Wedding is the virtual wedding planner you need for a low-stress, high-YOU day.

What's in Your Membership

Join now to get all this good stuff:

  • Online wedding planning portal with step-by-step guides for every aspect of your wedding that you can complete whenever and wherever is convenient for you
  • 25+ how-to videos with my advice and money-saving tips, broken down into small, manageable steps so you can actually do them
  • Workbooks, handouts, spreadsheets, and professional templates to keep everything clear and organized
  • Monthly live Q&A calls with me – a professional event planner with 20+ years experience, where you can ask anything about your wedding and get an instant answer or lurk and learn from other engaged couples
  • Planning calls are recorded, and you can submit questions in advance so you don’t have to miss out if you can’t make it live
  • Virtually unlimited planning in our private Facebook group, where I read and respond to every post – ask me anything, anytime, and get advice right away
  • Weekly email nudges for accountability and encouragement – so you will actually get this thing planned!

What Members Are Saying

Who's this expert planner, anyway?

Cindy Savage Aisle Less Traveled Wedding Planner. Photo by Pinxit Photo.

Cindy Savage
Wedding Planner
Aisle Less Traveled

Hi, I’m Cindy – your virtual wedding planner inside Choose Your Own Wedding. 

I’ve taken everything I know about planning weddings (and it’s a lot – I’ve been planning events since 1997!) and put it into a neatly organized online portal with worksheets, calculators, checklists, and professional templates for you to work through at whatever pace suits you best.

And while that’s super helpful to wedding planning, it’s not enough – because you’re not planning a cookie cutter day, you’re doing your own thing! Which means you’ll have questions and concerns that aren’t covered by general info and you’ll need a seasoned expert to help you sort that sh*t out. Have I mentioned I’ve been doing this for a while?

Ready to start planning?

Need more info to make a decision? I get that – I’m a researcher, too. Why don’t you check out the Program Details or the FAQ first?

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