August 2020 – Live Planning Call

This Month’s Wedding Planning Topics:
▪ What do we need to know before we hire a florist? How do floral consultations work?
▪ What do wedding vendors look for in clients? How can we be good clients that they want to work with?
▪ Will COVID still be raging on next summer? How can we plan for that possibility?

July 2020 – Live Planning Call

This Month’s Wedding Planning Topics:
▪ How can we involve our friends and family members in our wedding when we don’t have a wedding party and we’re hiring professional vendors for some of the things they want to do?

May 2020 – Live Planning Call

This Month’s Wedding Planning Topics:
▪ Cindy’s updated advice about your wedding and COVID-19
▪ What’s the difference between a florist who has a brick-and-mortar shop and does flowers for all occasions versus a florist who specializes exclusively in weddings?

April 2020 – Live Planning Call

This Month’s Wedding Planning Topics:
▪ Our wedding venue is kinda being a dick about the whole COVID-19 postponement situation and we’re worried about making our very large final payment. Help?

January 2020 – Live Planning Call

This Month’s Wedding Planning Topics:
▪ Who should we invite and how do we handle “A List” and “B List” invitations?
▪ How much notice should we give our guests about our wedding date? i.e. When should we send save-the-dates?
▪ How do we narrow down our design inspiration/ideas and make a cohesive vision for our wedding?
▪ What parts of our DIY decor projects can we assume the venue and caterer will help us with?

December 2019 – Live Planning Call

This Month’s Wedding Planning Topics:
▪ Stop being a freakin’ millennial and pick up the phone! Or, what to do when your vendors aren’t emailing you back in a timely fashion.
▪ Appy Couple, wedding websites, and having your own domain. And a nice couples’ mashup name.
▪ Ceremony structure, writing the whole dang thing, and asking your wedding party to do something other than just stand there
▪ Marsha and Josh introduce us to the “Candy Jar” – a handy receptacle for all the wedding ideas you don’t know what to do with
▪ Shopping for attire, trying on outfits, how to get accurate measurements for online shopping, and whyyyyyyyy do wedding gowns take so long to come in? (Spoiler to that last one: )
▪ At 9 months out from our wedding, what should we be focusing on, task-wise?
▪ Quick tips if you’re using a Spotify playlist instead of a pro DJ
▪ Planning who will do what at your wedding if you don’t have a pro wedding manager
▪ FEMINIST RANT: Jewelry store demands that order be under groom’s name, even though it’s bride’s ring and she’s paying for it.
▪ What should we do after the wedding is over?
▪ Check your wedding location for special events happening that day which could affect traffic and other wedding plans
▪ Invitation & Save-the-Date timing
▪ Wedding planning does not have to be stressful!

November 2019 – Live Planning Call

This Month’s Wedding Planning Topics:
– We want our friend to officiate our wedding, but they’re kind of flakey. How do we make sure we’re not stranded at the altar?
– A reminder of what these wedding planning Q&A calls are for
– How do you do a ring warming without completely disrupting the wedding ceremony and taking forever?
– How do we keep our family members from talking too long during wedding toasts/speeches?
– How can we include and honor our parents and loved ones who have passed away at our wedding, without turning the day into one of grief instead of joy?
– What is the value of having music during our ceremony? Should we ask our musician friends to perform?
– How long should our wedding ceremony be?
– Should you have a West Wing-themed wedding? Yes. Yes you should.
– We don’t want an open mic, but we want some way
– You should follow the Glam Hobby twitter thread by @rachsyme
– What’s the ratio of slow songs to fast songs that you recommend? Or, why a professional DJ is totally worth your money.

September 2019 – Live Planning Call

* How much does a day-of-coordinator cost and what do they do?
Our friend is officiating and they are kind of flakey. How do we manage getting our ceremony script written?
* We want to include meaningful group participation in our ceremony but we don’t want to appropriate from a culture that isn’t ours. What are our options?
* Does wedding planning get less stressful once our venue and caterer are booked?