Behind every great wedding is a great wedding plan.

Start yours today with a premium Choose Your Own Wedding™ planning subscription.

Choose Your Own Wedding is the most effective way to plan your wedding the right way, the first time – without spending thousands of dollars on a full-service wedding planner.

If you’re like most couples, instead of blissfully enjoying your engagement, right now you look kinda like this:

And that’s because you didn’t realize getting engaged meant taking on a part-time job for the next 12-18 months, learning trial-by-fire style how to plan an event, which you maybe don’t really even want to learn, and instead of getting paid, you’re the ones spending the big bucks. 

Oh yeah, and your first time doing this job? It’s supposed to result in the most perfect best day of your life.

Of course you are stressed the fuck out! Who wouldn’t be?

Your Premium Wedding Planning Subscription has everything you need to plan like a pro.
(Plus all the advice and hand-holding you need from an actual wedding planner.)

Take a deep breath and calm down because we are going to do this together.

Quit wasting your time on wedding blogs and internet forums asking folks who’ve planned half of one wedding for advice on how to make yours go smoothly.

Learn everything you need to know to plan a wedding that suits YOU.

Follow my step-by-step process so that you don’t overlook any details or make costly mistakes.

Get the help you need from an experienced professional, customized just for you, right now.

Plan from the comfort of home in your pajamas – or wherever you are – anytime it’s convenient for you.

And get it all without spending thousands of dollars on a traditional wedding planner.

What’s In Your Choose Your Own Wedding Planning Subscription?

  • 24/7 instant access to the Online Planning Portal
  • Literally step by step. Every part of wedding planning is included so you won’t forget anything
  • Access to all professional wedding planning templates, including print-and-go venue and vendor evaluation forms, my amazing budget spreadsheet with savings and payment tracking, fill-in-the-blank wedding day timelines and organizational documents, and so much more!
  • Membership in our growing community of engaged couples to support and encourage you along the way
  • Monthly group planning calls to talk through your wedding planning questions in detail with me – an experienced, professional wedding planner
  • Exclusive discounts on wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and other paper goods from major nationwide brands
  • All content is inclusive towards LGBTQ+ and feminist folks, with no outdated gender roles (#SmashThePatriarchy!)
  • But that’s not all! When you enroll as a premium member, you’re gonna get a bunch of BONUSES – keep scrolling to find out all about them!

Step-by-Step Modules to Help You Plan

Module 1:
Getting Started

  • How to get the most out of your planning subscription
  • Accessing the live planning calls and  recordings
  • Exclusive CYOW member discounts on invitations, save-the-dates, and other paper goods from major national brands
  • The Big-Ass Wedding Planning Checklist
  • Setting priorities and creating your wedding vision
  • Developing a realistic wedding budget
  • Selecting a wedding venue
  • Drafting a wedding day timeline
  •  Finding the right vendors for YOU

Module 2:
The Big Picture

Module 3:
Dealing with your People

  • The Guest List: who to invite
  • Tracking addresses, RSVPs, and meal choices
  • Wedding party and family roles
  • Hotel blocks and accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Eat, drink, and be confused: all about catering, bar, dessert, late night snacks, rentals, & event staff
  • To DIY or Not to DIY
  • Creating a meaningful ceremony
  • Ceremony logistics

Module 4:
Details, Details, Details

Module 5:
Wedding Day Logistics

  • Build your final wedding day timeline
  • Get organized with Google docs
  • Floor plans & event flow
  • Making backup plans
  • Confirm and delegate
  • Rehearse like a pro
  • Practical tips for staying sane on your wedding day
  • Actual tips for your team of wedding pros
  • What to pack in your ‘Oh, Shit!’ kit

Module 6:
Find Your Wedding Day Zen

Choose Your Own Wedding™ premium memberships are only available for a limited time – the doors close on March 10th. 

Why You Can’t Afford to Plan Without a Pro

The average couple spends around $30,000 on a wedding that takes them 10-15 hours per week for at least a year to plan. 45% of couples spend more than they intended and they go over budget by an average of 33%.

The #1 reason that happens? Because they didn’t know how much things realistically cost or what they truly needed for their wedding.

You don’t have to be a statistic. 

Choose Your Own Wedding™ is the affordable way to plan with the help of a seasoned pro. I’ll start by saving you thousands of dollars on the cost of a full-service wedding planner and then I’ll show you how to you create a sensible budget based on your wedding priorities. And then I’ll hold your hand all the way through, giving you tips on which things actually matter, how to get the most bang for your wedding buck, and most importantly, when to chuck things in the fuck-it bucket so you can eliminate those costs altogether.

500+ Hours

How much time most couples spend planning their weddings


How much more the average couple spends than what they budget

"We Didn't Know..."

The reason most couples are stressed about wedding planning

Here's What Our Members Have to Say

Hannah & Zack

“Choose Your Own Wedding was a fantastic foundation for me to build on in my planning process, and a perfect reality check when I was in the home stretch. Cindy’s personal attention was just the extra touch that made the experience really special.”

“I am so grateful I found Choose Your Own Wedding when I did – I wish I had joined sooner. It has reduced my wedding planning anxiety knowing that I am truly staying on track and getting things done. It has kept me mindful without overwhelming me. I plan on gifting CYOW to my closest friends and family who get married. Choose Your Own Wedding actually makes planning manageable and fun!”

Katie & Deb

Mareike & Jamie

“It’s like a middle step between totally DIY and having a wedding planner. If you’re up for doing most of the planning yourself, but want expert guidance, especially when you hit hiccups, it’s perfect!”

How Much Does a Wedding Planning Subscription Cost?

I know what you’re thinking: Can’t we just find all this information on the internet for free?

One mistake most couples make is they think that doing all the planning themselves will be cheaper. What they don’t take into account is how slow and inefficient it is to spend all their free time scouring wedding blogs, Facebook groups, and discussion boards trying to find all the answers when they could be enjoying their engagement instead.

Or worse – the costly mistakes they will make because they’ve never planned a wedding before and simply don’t know how much of what to purchase or whether or not the prices they’re quoted are actually reasonable.

Next, people just ask, “Okay, then can you plan this wedding for me?”

Which I can! You can hire me or another professional wedding planner and expect to pay $6,500 – $10,000 or more to have every detail handled for you.

But if you’re here, it’s probably because your wedding budget is kind of tight and if you have extra money sitting around, you want to put it towards other parts of your wedding or big-ticket items in your life – like a new house, a car, or paying off those student loans.

The only solution is to learn to do it yourself.

Choose Your Own Wedding™ is your chance to shave hundreds of hours off of your planning time, ditch loads of wedding stress, and plan your wedding without expensive mistakes.

And you can get my professional wedding planning help for an entire year for just $495. 

Plus, your subscription is backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

We know this program is going to save you time, money, and hassle as you plan your wedding. If you follow the program, it’s going to work for you. But there is one caveat – you have to actually do it.

You see, this wedding planning subscription is only for folks who are going to login regularly and use the modules. People who will download the worksheets and fill in the templates. Folks who will ask questions on the planning calls and support each other in our community. So if you aren’t going to do that stuff? Don’t subscribe.

But if you’re serious about making wedding planning easier and less stressful? Then sign the hell up, because you have nothing to lose.

Give it a month. Complete at least two modules, attend a live planning call, participate in our community. If you’ve done that, and this program hasn’t made your wedding planning experience better? Just email us and we’ll make sure you’re satisfied – even if that means giving your money back.


Bonus #1:

EMAIL TEMPLATES for, well, everything

  • Copy & paste email templates for all your wedding planning needs, like inquiring with venues & vendors, telling them you want to hire them (or that you don’t), and managing them throughout the planning process
  • Templates include the specifics you’ll need to show vendors you are prepared and know what you’re doing – and also to get you the info you need without all the back and forth
  • Just add your wedding date and details and hit send – save so much time! 
  • Vendors will love your attention to detail and that you’ve provided all the info they need to provide proposals
  • Templates drop on March 15th for all premium members



  • You get the same process I use with my full service clients to help you figure out the look and feel you want for your wedding
  • Mood Board template to easily show your florist, caterer, rental, and other decor vendors what you’re going for
  • Design Plan template to outline every detail for the wedding day
  • Bonus Design Calls in May and in July focused specifically on event design, with an opportunity to have your inspiration/mood board or design plan reviewed one-on-one with me in the call
  • Design Module will be released in April



  • YOU get to choose the topics! Vote at the beginning of each quarter for which kind of pro you want to hear from
  • Live calls with industry experts to help you understand what they do, how to work best with them, and why they charge the fees they do
  • Q&A time during every call plus the opportunity to submit questions in advance
  • Replays and transcripts afterwards, of course

Bonus #4:


  • Get quick, personal answers and advice on your wedding planning questions during live chats with me
  • Chats are twice a month at lunch time (so you can sneak them in from your desk at work or on your lunch break)
  • Literally ask me anything
  • Only available for members who join by March 5th on the single-payment plan!



  • A private phone or video call with me to talk about your wedding and get help with your plans
  • Use it anytime during your year-long membership
  • Only available to the first 10 subscribers on the single payment plan!
Premium enrollment closes on March 10th.​

Choose Your Payment Plan:

one payment

$ 495 best value!
  • full-year membership
  • all regular subscription features
  • email templates
  • design module
  • quarterly calls with wedding pros
  • lunch time live chats*
  • phone a friend one-on-one call*
  • pay once and forget about it

Monthly Payments

$ 49 per month for 12 months
  • full-year membership
  • all regular subscription features
  • email templates
  • design module
  • quarterly calls with wedding pros
  • easy monthly payments

Who’s this expert wedding planner, anyway?

Cindy Savage Aisle Less Traveled Wedding Planner. Photo by Pinxit Photo.

Cindy Savage
Wedding Planner
Aisle Less Traveled

Hi, I’m Cindy – your virtual wedding planner inside Choose Your Own Wedding™. 

I’ve taken everything I know about planning weddings (and it’s a lot – I’ve been planning events since 1997!) and put it into a neatly organized online portal with worksheets, calculators, checklists, and professional templates for you to work through at whatever pace suits you best.

And while that’s super helpful to wedding planning, it’s not enough – because you’re not planning a cookie cutter day, you’re doing your own thing! Which means you’ll have questions and concerns that aren’t covered by general info and you’ll need a seasoned expert to help you sort that shit out. (Have I mentioned I’ve been doing this for a while?)

So you can rest assured that your wedding plans are in good hands with me.

When I’m not planning weddings, I am still probably talking about them! I co-host the Super Gay Wedding podcast along with my friend and rad photographer Amanda Summerlin and I’m also a member of the recently-formed Wedding Industry Council, serving on the LGBTQ+ inclusivity committee.

I’m honored to have been featured in some of the coolest wedding publications around, like Offbeat Bride, Catalyst Wedding Co., Brides, and Bridechilla, along with regular news publications like BuzzFeed and GoMag.